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Prowler Warm Up

Here's a cool little way you can use the prowler to warm and mobilise yourself for a pushing session. It gives you standard dynamic stretches but also provides a good opportunity to feel optimal range and ideal push positions. Enjoy.

Do 3 rounds total and 10 reps for stretch/exercise portion and 10-15m for push portions.


1. Hip ROM/Dorsi Flexion Focus Push March 10m-15m

2. Single Leg Push 10m/15m

3. Assisted Front Foot Raise Bulgarian (Mobility Focus) x10 each leg

4. Assisted Squat (Mobility Focus) x10

5. Frontal Swing x10 each leg

6. Hamstring Swing x10 each leg

7. Static Cycles (Heel 2 Hamstring) x10 each leg

8. Donkey Kick x10 each leg

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