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What is The Brake Foundation?

The Brake Foundation was conceived to help athletes from unfunded nations or who otherwise may struggle to finance a career adventure in bobsleigh.

When making my return to bobsleigh (season in 2019/20), I had to deal with the gamble of potentially losing my job and essentially finding myself with no source of income.

This happened. I lost my job, there is no funding in the GB programme and I've had to figure out how to keep myself going, despite competing at the top level. 


After a successful comeback (numerous medals and British records), I just felt it was so wrong that I should be left destitute at the end of it.


This got me thinking about other people and other nations. No-one should look at this amazing sport and feel it's a prohibitive financial gamble (it's certainly a physical gamble!).

The Foundation Vision

The Brake's vision is that no-one looks at this sport as a second option for elite athletes and that no-one who takes the plunge does so without financial support. 


As it stands there is no multi-national grant system.


If there's one thing this sport does, it unites nations and athletes of all backgrounds. The mutual respect of a group of people throwing themselves down a mountain at almost a 100mph. 

More than ever at this time we need initiatives that bring us together. A multi-national grant doesn't exist.


I want The Brake, and by extension, the sport of bobsleigh, to be the pioneers in this regard. 

The Foundation First Steps

The Foundation's first steps, once launched, will be to raise funds to create a pot of money that can be applied for by all nations.

The first pot aim is £5000. This will give us 10 £500 grants to deliver to those who need them most. Two will be earmarked for GB athletes, the remaining 8 will be up for international grabs. 

In the early stages, fundraising will be aided by launching our subscription services on the website. We've got some really exciting video content planned and for very small sums you'll be contributing to the running of this website and funding this initiative.

Beyond this we are actively searching for partners to help get behind us. 


If the initiative succeeds, and with the right team built, I want to evolve the packages.


Early ideas:

1. I'd like to vastly increase the financial package on offer.

2. Increase of scope of offering beyond financial to include psychology support, post-sport career transition, training courses, NGB support, networking opportunities.

3. UK work experience, facilitation of employment for internationals.

4. Mentoring programmes.

Get Involved!

If this sounds like something you or your organisation would like to support, now's the time!

I believe in this sport and I believe in this initiative. There are incredible athletes in bobsleigh and the loss of one potential talent due to financial constraints is one too many.

Please feel free to get in touch through any of the social or contact boxes that are littered throughout this site!

We look forward to hearing from you!

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