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Stair Session ONE.

As promised, here is The Brake's full stair session. An excellent plyometric/elastic transfer option to put in your programme as a standalone speed/power day, or gym day accompaniment.

I touched on this in the 'Stair Hops' video. It is basically the template I got from my first coach which I found super effective. I've added the skipping switch drill for some additional impulse/drill training. Focus here is 'switching' the quads as quickly as possible.

The session is a great plyometric option that gets you strong and surprisingly fit.

Obviously be logical with how many steps you attempt and what your goal or desired outcome is for the day.

For instance: if you want a pure elastic transfer/power session, then it's not going to make sense doing this in an arena up 300 steps. Less is more.

If you want plyometric elements to a cardio session, then by all means kill yourself up the stadium steps.

Other than that, in the words of Elvis, "a little less conversation, a little more action please!"



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