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High Performance Hamstring Rehab Program. Eric Franke OLY

Injuries suck. Let's make no bones about it. What's even more difficult is finding a rehab program that not only works, but returns you to action more confident than you were before. A plan that finds opportunity in injury. Our very own Olympic Silver Medal winning brakeman Eric Franke has designed just that. Read on for details about the plan and how to sign up. Take it away Eric...

Truecoach is the platform delivering Eric's comprehensive hamstring rehab plan

We’ve all been there. While trying to figure out our body’s limits we can quickly go beyond them and catch a rather serious injury. In bobsleigh this will oftentimes be a muscle strain or even a tear. This recently happened to me and my hopes of it being just a minor strain were crushed as I received the news of a pretty big grade 3 tear. The Olympic season lies ahead so that’s very bad news.

I started off with daily physio appointments, which was perfect and soon I was told to start my rehab training, which I did. After just a few days I realised that this “rehab training” was to accomplish only one thing – to heal the injured muscle. I knew though that I could do more, I wanted to stay in shape as much as I could and started to take things into my own hands as there was no one who thought of the rehab process from a high performance sport point of view.

Noone actually took the time to think about what it is that I need as a speed-based athlete to get back on track as quickly as possible and in a shape that’s close to where I left off before my injury.

What could I do to train speed without actually being able to sprint for a few weeks? What weaknesses could I work on to prevent further muscle injuries? How can I give my injured muscle everything it needs to heal fast and be prepared for high speeds again?

I did quite a bit of research and, together with the knowledge and experience I already had, put together a rehab program for speed-based athletes. Whilst tailored for bobsleigh, it is predominantly designed for people who need or want to do remote rehab training.

Maybe you haven’t made it to the national team level just yet and don’t have access to the recovery training you need. Maybe the infrastructure in your region just isn’t good enough to give you what you need to get back on track quickly. Maybe you don’t have the money to afford elite in-person rehab training.

Here's a little taster (via Insta) of what you can expect in the hamstring plan

The reasons could be numerous, that’s why I believe there is a need for remote rehab programs with video explanation and consistently updated content, so you get all the tools you need to work on your comeback and get there fast and in great shape.

The program is intended to last for 6 weeks, which is the timespan it takes to recover from an average grade 2 muscle strain. Every body and every injury is different though, so depending on your pain level and level of potential discomfort, you can do the rehab at your own pace (up to 10 weeks, see below in costs). With the program, I try to give you the guidance you may need but in the end, it’s your body and you will be in control.

All-in-all, this hamstring rehab program will get you back to high-performance levels. If you’re struggling, you need quality guidance and to be taken through a comprehensive structure that will return you to action as soon as possible, and - most importantly, with confidence!

I can't wait to help you 👍



Programme Costs:

The cost of the program takes into account the scale and quality of the provision but through TBM we’re going to be offering a 20% Early Bird discount for the first 5 people who purchase!

The 6-week program costs:

180,00€ (140,00€ with EB discount) and you will get access to it for 10 weeks (as I mentioned above, there are different paces of each rehab.) So that's 42-70 days of quality rehab provision which works out at around €23-€30 a week!

For physios and individuals working with hamstring injuries on a regular basis there is an option to buy the program for an entire year for:

800,00€ (again EB discounts will get this for 640,00€)

Access to the program will be through TrueCoach either on their website or their App. Once you have made a purchase you will be assigned to the rehab program then just let us know the exact date on which you would like to start training! The program comes in English and German.

Sign up!

If you're interested in signing up please contact Eric directly at, via his Instagram page, or let us know through 🙌

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