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Drills 3. 3 Fundamental Drills For Your Warm Up

This article basically repeats Drills 1, just with some better quality footage and an easy warm up template for you to follow. Enjoy.

As explained above, we have already delivered content on a couple of these drills but felt it worth reposting as the film quality was pretty poor (although those drill vids were on @gregcackett1 insta and had almost 150 saves!)

Hopefully you all find these just as useful.

Here's a template to show you how you can structure a sprint warm-up with drills:

1. x1 400m jog/side step/skip (light and easy to get yourself moving)

2. 5 minutes of light dynamic stretches of your choice (hamstring swings, frontal swings, iron cross, scorpions etc)

3. x4 60% effort sprint strides over 40-50m

4. Drills! Set your cones between 10-20m, always walk-back recovery and complete them in this order:

- Pogos x2

- Ankle Pops x2

- Passive Squat Walks x2

- Walking Lunge x2

- Step-Back Arabesque x2

- Active Squat Walks x2

- High Knees x1

- Scissor Kick (Hamstring Kickbacks) x1

- High Knees Blend To Run x1

- Scissor Kick Blend To Run x1

- 10m Acceleration x1

- 20m Acceleration x1

- 30m Acceleration x1

Ready to run!

So with the above fresh in your mind, have a go at including and executing the below. No more fancy explanations, just 3 drills that are useful for warming up and giving you a feel for stiff ankles and multi-planar movement. Regardé 👇

1. Pogos

2. Ankle Pops (Alternating Pogos)

3. Passive + Active Squat Walks


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